String underwear for men

Men’s underwear has gone through a revolution lately and it has left men with far more choices than they have traditionally accustomed with. When it comes to choosing the right pair of underwear now a days, it is often a question of the ‘who’ instead of the ‘what’. The ‘who’ here is the question that asks who the customer is and the ‘what’ here is what product he is looking for. Before the recent change in the market, the choices were limited to a very few items and hence people entered the market with an idea of what they want.

Now however, the question of the buyer’s personality has a lot to do with it. So now the manufacturers are making underwear for the ‘comfort men’ and the ‘adventurous men’ and everything in between. These are categorized now, like most other fashion items, on the basis of how comfortable the items is to how fashionable the item is. That really shows the major shift in the way men’s underwear is viewed. So if you are looking for a simple pair of men’s underwear, you are likely to be bombarded with a lot of choices. Making sense out of this mess can actually be quite a daunting task.

To start off with, men who are looking for comfort still have their favorite briefs, boxers and boxer-briefs. But now they come in different cuts, shapes and fabrics. So you have your normal briefs, then you have micro-briefs, you have micro-weave and textured material. While the overt idea is to cater to smaller niches within the market, the covert idea is often clever marketing. However, sticking with reputed companies in this case will always have you on the safe side. As for the choices, micro-briefs are really good because they low rise, while briefs offer better coverage and often, better support.

When it comes to the adventurous men, there are a lot of different choices that are rather more revealing than they are covering. But these have a lot of other advantages. One definite advantage is the enhanced sex appeal. A lot of women love men in revealing underwear like thongs and g-strings. So this might easily spice things up in your bedroom. However, things like thongs and g-strings also offer superior support because they offer properly pouches that are made specifically for the job. They also do not show visible lines when they are worn, so wearing a tight fitting trouser with them will make you look much better sculpted, without the underwear showing.

Their low-rise nature is also an added bonus, allowing you to easily wear low-rise lowers and still be able to get comfort and support. Thongs and g-strings also offer a liberating feeling where by much of your thighs and hips are exposed. They do not always have seat and hence, some prefer them for the increased mobility that they offer. All in all, it all depends on what you are looking for, although, a little experiment just might surprise you.